AP Laura goes to RadioDays Europe

RadioDays is the foremost international radio conference.  It’s held annually over two days in different European cities and this year the RadioDays ‘Next Gen’ programme gave 6 young radio professionals the chance to experience Paris 2016 first hand, share ideas, and develop their future careers.

To be a ‘Next Gen’ you had to make a 60 second video.  We brainstormed what might make a winner and…. after munching lots of croissants between (and during!) takes…. came up with this!

The very next week I was packed off to Paris to attend lectures on topics from podcasting, to breakfast show secrets, and to ‘programmatic advertising’ (who knew!) The ‘Next Gen’ got to hobnob with the very best radio producers, engineers, and presenters from around the world – from Oz to Berlin –  at the fancy gala on the second night. I had some amazing conversations, and was able to relay some of it at our very own ‘Next Gen - What Caught My Eye’ lecture on the last day (which we had a pretty decent turn out to too!)

A fantastic couple of days; I came back to London with a brain and notepad super full, and LOTS to report to my team! Vive la radio!