British Podcast Awards

We don’t go on about it much, but you might know that we’ve been flying the podcast flag for a while. And so, we were delighted to attend the very FIRST British Podcast Awards last week! There were fifteen categories – from true crime to sports – judged by the very best in radio and podcast reviewing (Helen Zaltzman, Miranda Sawyer etc).

...and our very own National Trust Gardens was nominated for TWO!!!!

The do itself was excellent. There were around 300 people there and lots of mini quiche (also excellent but I burnt my mouth). Most interesting was the diversity of ages, and types of people in the room. This wasn’t your average showbizzy gig, this was a community of passionate, creative people who were thrilled to be there celebrating their own and each other’s work. Hey you doomsayers, podcasts ain’t goin anywhere.

Winners included The Cinemile (Best New) – a couple who go to the cinema each week, and review the film on their mile home –  to BBC World Service’s The Inquiry (Best Current Affairs), to The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast (Best Comedy). There’s room for everyone in the podcasting and that was wonderful to see.

Anyway, I urge you to have a flick through the rest of the winners and add them to your commute playlist. Also… we got a bronze in Best Branded Content. So all round thumbs up.