Eastenders - Scary Radio

One of the joys of producing work for the BBC is that we get to work on really huge national campaigns that everyone hears about.

One of the other joys is that just occassionally you get the time and the freedom to really experiment.

It's rare that those things happen at the same time though, and so the Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" campaign has been really wonderful to work on.

With the TV treatments in Easter 2014 and February 2015 being so completely visual, we had carte blanche to interpret the concepts in audio. For many people that's a nightmare, but when you think in sound all the time it's perfect.

Our tools were a great track (Don't Waste My Time - Krept & Konan), some instantly recognisable voices, and a list of creepy death and murder-related words. Plus we had airtime on the UK's biggest radio stations.

The three parts of the campaign are obviously sonically and conceptually related, but without being repetitive.

And we got to use Ian's caff as our office for the day. Bonus.

Eastenders Trails - April 2014 - BiancaIanDenise

Eastenders Trails - February 2015 - Version 1Version 2