Live Podcasts at the Edinburgh Fringe

Patrice, Mark, Steve and Laura!

Patrice, Mark, Steve and Laura!

Last weekend our lovely Assistant Producer Laura popped off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to showcase some of the podcasts we’d been making for Here’s what she had to say….

Possibly my favourite place in the world, I was buzzing for haggis, comedy, theatre, and of course doing live recordings of our best podcasts!

The first – Mark Dolan’s VIP Lounge sees comedian, broadcaster, and all round LOVELY guy Mark Dolan interview the most eclectic, fascinating, and… kinda strange people that might live next door to you. In our case, VIP stands for very interesting person. To explain it a little better – for our Edinburgh show (in front of a 100 strong, super giggly audience) Mark met a man who injects himself with SNAKE VENOM (he’s 49, looks about 30, and his blood is now going to be used to make anti-venom!), and a lady who eats… well.. she eats brick. Apparently she preferred the sandier variety of the two brick pieces I had handmade for her earlier that week.

The following day, we did a live Q&A with Dom Joly of Trigger Happy fame. We had sent him on a wild and wacky travel podcast around the USA exploring some of the stranger American tourist activities. We showed the best photos and videos on a big screen (including some of him alligator wrestling. As you do. And high as a kite on a Colorado cannabis tour) as he talked us through what he got up to. Uncensored and hilarious in true Dom Joly fashion.

It was a wonderful weekend, everyone laughed a LOT, and I also got my pork roll with apple sauce and lots and lots of haggis.

Keep checking back here or on Twitter for more updates on Mark Dolan’s VIP Lounge and Dom Joly’s Big American Vacation to be released exclusively on later this year!