We Made a Podcast for Parliament

“Parliament Explained” is the first podcast by the UK Parliament, and part of their ongoing efforts to demystify what happens in the centuries-old House of Commons and House of Lords.

The task of explaining how government takes decisions, how members of the public can change the law, or why you should care about politics can a daunting one. Podcasting is the perfect medium to reach people who are looking to expand their knowledge, and so the series of six episodes uses case studies and interviews with Parliament staff to offer an in-depth understanding of the institutions. It’s all narrated by leading actress and comedian Meera Syal.

Branded podcasts are growing very rapidly in the UK, and Fresh Air Production, part of the Radioworks Group, is one of the companies leading the way in helping organisations to make the most of audio content. Neil Cowling, Creative Director of Fresh Air, said:

“Podcasting is a medium that more and more brands are using to tell engaging long-form stories, and land strategic messages that can’t be communicated through standard advertising. We’re hugely proud to be working with The Houses of Parliament, and it’s a testament to the growth and quality of the medium that such a supposedly stuffy institution is commissioning their own podcast series.”


“Parliament Explained” is available on iTunes here