Neil cowling

Neil founded Fresh Air Production in 2003, after spending his early career as a producer with BBC Radio 5Live.

He's gone on to be of the most experienced, well-connected and highly regarded producers in independent radio production, Neil is a writer, director, presenter, and producer who's worked with some of the biggest talent and most high-profile brands in the UK.

Neil has also been Creative Development Director at RadioWorks, a regular speaker at industry events, and a judge at the New York Radio Festival.


Katharine kerr

An NCTJ trained journalist, writer and producer, formerly with ITN, Wireless and Global radio. Katharine is a passionate podcast advocate, and has been with us since April 2016. Since then, she’s led many of our biggest podcast projects, with a particular passion for culture.

She’s managed the complex production for Houses of Parliament, made a 40 part series for Historic England, toured the country for English Heritage, and dived into Scottish art for The National Galleries of Scotland.


Anouszka Tate

After years of collecting various audio, writing, and storytelling skills from working in live radio, TV production, and magazine editing, Anouszka decided to get a job that allows her to use all those skills at once.

As a freelance podcast producer, she’s worked with some of the biggest names in broadcasting, nurtured the talent of new presenters, and just about has time to produce and present her own award-winning podcast too. A stickler for sticking to schedules, if you want a perfectionist project manager, Anouszka’s the one to ask.


martin poyntz-roberts

Martin has almost 20 years’ experience as a journalist and producer working on a variety of subject matters from natural history television to live news radio. He was at the helm of BBC Radio 4’s Costing The Earth series for much of his time at the BBC, produced several documentaries about President Trump and has recently carried out undercover filming for a new BBC series in Malaysia.

Martin is an obsessive. Fascinated by unexplained stories, he’s relentless. And always smiling!


Paul russell

Paul has been making radio and podcasts for 25 years - including being Weekend Editor at LBC and working for a range of BBC local radio stations. He then spent fifteen years as the Radio Producer at Open Mike Productions, making recorded and live BBC programmes, including documentaries, panel shows, stand up shows, specialty music shows and sit-coms/dramas.

Prior to this, Paul was an Account Manager/Director at various above and below the line advertising agencies and had the honour of being involved in the first ever UK TV commercial to use a Beatles song!

As well as this, Paul is an Award Winning radio film reviewer!

WMfY5THw (3).jpeg


Raj first worked for Fresh Air as part of BBC Asian Network programmes where she was making specialist music shows, but her work now spreads across a huge range of our podcasts.

A social media queen, Raj has worked on multiple campaigns for ITV making more memes than you can shake a stick at, and now hosts Fresh Air’s show - The Reality Tea - on BBC Sounds and Radio 1.

Hence the teacup.



Annie joined Fresh Air after more than 15 years as a journalist for the BBC, producing live programmes including news and topical affairs. She’s worked with tonnes of presenters, often in a fast paced scary live environment. She loves outside broadcasting and has produced shows in places as varied as Salisbury Cathedral, the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the CERN laboratories in Geneva.

Annie has put her stamp on podcasts for Shell, Allianz and Happiful, among many others.



Katie trained up in radio on the BBC’s Prestigious Production Trainee Scheme, before working on programmes across Radio 4 and the World Service. Tasked with digging for stories, she has reported on everything from the first wheelchair backflip to the anxieties of a forensic pathologist.

Turning her hand to podcasts, she is particularly fond of the quirky, bewildering, esoteric and human-interest stories, and is committed to better representing the voices of minorities.

Katie likes a challenge. If you’ve got an impossible brief, throw it at her. She’s never defeated.


4dc - the podcast strategists - Creative Partners

Since June 2019, Fresh Air has been the production partner for 4DC - the podcast strategy group. This fantastic arrangement means we can offer our clients a huge range of consultancy services, promotional planning, and research capability. You can access their superb podcast audience research document “The A-List(en)ers” on their site.


Other Collaborators

Fresh Air works by bringing the right people together for the right projects.

Our favourite partners include: Maple Street Creative, Alfi MediaMorris Lane Creative MediaWire Free ProductionsWise Buddah CreativeSnappin' Turtle ProductionsAli Rezakhani; Rethink Audio